Black Candy + Lick It Event Comp!

Two of Brisbane’s biggest club brands BLACK CANDY and LICK IT have thrown some of the doppest parties this little town has ever seen! From massive international acts, to crazy themes, they have done it all! They are now both changing venues and have decided to join forces and throw one last send off party, the SUPERHEROES party at Empire Hotel featuring DJ SEGA(MAD DECENT) and GIGI BAROCCO ( DIM MAK/ITALY). With supports  from Tim Fuchs,  Wolfie, J. Underpants, Killafornia, Jad and Lady Boy, The Fitzgerald Inquiry,Benibee, Royale, K Frizz, Keen?(Phantom Collective) and Koochie (Phantom Collective).

Come show your support for what is their last (but most certainly not least ) party at the Empire Hotel, as the hard hitting electro sound of BLACK CANDY moves to Monastery and the versatile LICK IT continues to have their finger on the pulse of what is cool and new.

Lick it has brought you Metronomy, Klaxons + Boys Noize just to name a few. Black Candy brought over Fukkk Offf, Le Castle Vania and fostered the careers of some of brisbane’s biggest DJ’s live acts. Come support the names that have been providing you with those heartfelt moments on the dirty floors of Empire Hotel at 4am in the morning and send them off with a bang!

Want to come with a mate for free? and score a free Black Candy singlet? All you have to do is jump on our facebook with the link on the left, go to our photos and tag yourself in the event flier! This event will be massive and we only have one double pass to give away so make sure you get your entry in! Winners will be drawn the day before on facebook so stay tuned. Here is a photo of the singlet up for grabs.

Stay Classy Brisbane,
Black Candy + Lickit

Here is a tune from Gigi Boracco just so you know what you could be missing out on!

Gomma Gomma  – Gigi Boracco

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