Friday Free Downloads

Welcome to our first edition of FRIDAY FREE DOWNLOADS. It is not every Friday but 10 at a time you can’t complain. We will be giving you mixes, originals, remixes, edits, bootlegs and everything else we can get our grubby little hands on. If you have a tune you would like to feature on our Friday Free Downloads please send it here! – dirtieclouds@gmail.com … Otherwise from that, please enjoy!

#1 – First is a tune little remix from Herve! This tune is amazing to get a party started, gets you pumped up for the night and ready to hit the piss! With a very familiar bootleg from the original with a drop that explodes with a nasty synth bassline. It wasn’t possible to give away a 320kps so i apologize but hey, this tune is massive and worth purchasing! Here is a DL link – DOWNLOAD

#2 – This is a mini mix from Sandro Silva. If you haven’t heard of this man he has been on a path of destruction over the last year with new releases and now signed to Dim Mak Records. Its its a great mix smashing threw a few tracks in about 13 minutes. It is definitely worth the listen. DL – DOWNLOAD

#3 – Another Herve Remix, What can you do, the man is on fire! This time it is a remix of Fenech-Soler’s “Lies” DL – DOWNLOAD

#4 – Dirty Disco Youth’s Holiday Mixtape! Not to many words for this much other than it is very enjoyable! DL – DOWNLOAD

#5 – A tune from Racontage vs The 87 Stick up Kids remixed by Andre Conde. This remix is definitely one of the fragrances that those good looking girls where that when they walk past it blows your mind. Get it? DL – DOWNLOAD

#6 & 7 – Dirty Disco Trash! Two remixes from their latest EP “Bumper Cars”. I have been playing these track regularly through any speakers I can and I’m sure you will as well. Bumper Cars (DTM’s Tropical Edit) DL – DOWNLOAD & Bit Thief Remix – DOWNLOAD

#8 – OH SNAP! They have just done a little remix of SHM’s “One” which is pretty epic – Check it out and DL – DOWNLOAD

#9 – Tommie Sunshine & Figure edit M.I.A’s XXXO ft Jay-z! It is a BANGER! A little bit to commercial for my personal liking but I’m sure a lot of you will dig this shit! – DOWNLOAD

#10 – Foamo remix, enough said! You know this guy creates a masterpiece out of anything he touches at the moment, look out for him in years to come and expect him to be a name headlining festivals in years to come! – DOWNLOAD

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