Keith & Supabeatz – The Most Beautiful

Italian duo Keith & Supabeatz have just rocked up with one of this summer’s big house anthems! The Most Beautiful has everything you want from a 2012 banger, think sun, sand and bikini clad girls – summer is here people!

K&S aka Marco and Alberto have been beavering away in their home town of Bologna, Italy making club monsters for a while now – they’re usually more on the noisier side of things but they seemed to come up trumps on a more commercial tip with this gem.When discussing whom we should get to do the remix there was one person on everyone’s lip; This track was made for Todd “The God” Edwards and we’re delighted to say the New Jersey garage pioneer was all over it. He’s served up a suitably cool and typically Todd rework. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Keith & Supabeatz have recently been in the studio banging heads with fellow Italian superstars Crookers, working on their Dr.Gonzo project as well as co-producing with Tony Senghore and remixing the likes of Cocknbull Kid, Brodinski, The 2 Bears and moreā€¦

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